1. Some thoughts on my first “Roll”

    I know its the first run of this project but the only thing that came to mind when looking at these pictures was “boring” Although there were a few images that I liked (and fewer black boxes than I anticipated).

    I can shoot comfortably with this setup, though it will be changing after roll 2 (more on that below), but the subject matter and compositions need work.

    Roll 2 is currently “developing” and will start posting in a couple of days. After that, the formula changes a bit. I have since sold my beloved D90. future rolls will be shot on my D600, same lens, same rules (although my D600 can meter even with the diana lens, but I’ll just try and ignore the light meter or find a setting that allows me to shoot without it).

    There is one thing that I have enjoyed from this first roll. Seeing them for the first time after days (in some cases weeks) after shooting them brought some of that old film feel back to me. Recalling the moment I shot it or imagining how it would look and being completely surprised by the outcome. Thats why I started this little creative exercise. Now I just have to be more creative. 

    See you after “Roll’ 2.

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